How To Spot A Good Review

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Ed Smith | Author: Crimewire | Featured On: Bustle, Discovery Channel, Daily Mail
Published: July 21, 2017

Not that long ago, you only had two places to turn to discover if a product you wanted was actually worth the money.

  1. You could check out the advice of professional reviewers
  2. You could simply trust the recommendation of your friends and family

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If neither was available, you had to go with your gut. Fortunately, the rise of online reviews allows anybody to see how real people enjoy — or don't enjoy — anything you want to buy.

However, even online reviews might not tell you the truth.

Are All Online Reviews Real?

All companies know how important online reviews are.

But a few choose to plant reviews in order to unfairly boost their credibility. They'll post phoney reviews written by hired shills, making the product appear more loved than it actually is.

While this practice is shockingly common, a little knowledge can help consumers protect themselves.

The Solution

To help you make smarter decisions with your money, we researched these tactics to see how the world of secret shilling works.

We used that information to create this infographic, which explains some of the dead giveaways of dishonest reviews.

Here's how you can spot these biased reviews and avoid being fooled when you research your next purchase.

How To Spot A Good Review Infographic